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Pipeline is made by GrowCreate, an expert Umbraco agency and Gold Partner based in Oxford and Cologne. It started life as an experiment, and was later installed on a number of our client sites. In the meantime, GrowCreate became an Episerver partner, and we saw what the world looks like beyond content. The idea practically jumped up in front of us: what if Pipeline could deliver features found in commercial CMSs into the open-source ecosystem?

The story so far...

2015: Pipeline CRM is born

2016: Pipeline CRM released, then goes open-source

2017: Pipeline DXS gathers speed

Into the future

Marketing automation

In the latter half of 2017, we will look into incorporating marketing automation tools into Pipeline DXS. Some of the ideas include:

  • Built-in email and social campaign distribution
  • Workflow designer for email triggers
  • Adaptors for SalesForce, Dynamics and other CRMs
  • Event monitor

Industry-specific kits

Invessed is a ready-made Pipeline implementation for financial services. We are looking to create similar packages for:

  • E-commerce and retail
  • Membership organisations
  • Education and Healthcare
  • B2B / Professional services

The Pipeline Partnership

Pipeline is a collaborative product, built and implemented by some of the most prominent Umbraco agencies and developers. 

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